Monday, February 24, 2014

Interview Questions

Kiara Lewis
Capstone Project
February 2014

Capstone Interview Questions
For my interview, I will interview a professional Nigerian dance teacher. His name is Olubanjo Adigu. He has been dancing Nigerian dance for over 30 years. I chose him as my field expert because he is very knowledgeable about the topic of Nigerian dance history.  What I hope to gain from this interview is a more specific type of culture of the history. I will begin my interview with questions that are very specific. I want to know how he started dancing, where he is from, how long he has been dancing and how long he has been teaching. These questions will open the conversation and will help the interview progress. These questions will help me understand how verse he is in his craft.
My next few questions will then move towards the history and everything he knows personally about the Nigerian dance.  I want to know how far he is removed from Nigeria, did he grow up there, what village is he from, and are there difference between Yoruba Nigerian dance and other villages’ Nigerian dance. These questions will allow me to shape the rest of my questions geared towards him specifically: does he dance with his family, who taught him how to dance, how he got inspired to dance, why he dances today, how Nigerian dance has influenced his life.
My last few questions will be the most specific and will need the most elaboration. I plan for these answers to lead me to more questions that I cannot forecast. I want to know what the meaning of Nigerian dance is. Why do Nigerian’s dance, what is the story behind all of the moves and the drum beats of the dance. I want to know the specific garments that they wear and what they mean. I want to know the difference between Nigerian dance and other African dances.
These questions range from very specific to very general. I believe that the interviewee is very intelligible about Nigerian dance and will be able to answer all of my questions thoroughly and completely. I plan on learning so much from this interview and I will be able to search and expand on a lot of the topics he brings up. This interview will be taken over the phone so the clarity of the conversation is important. I am very excited to interview this man and I know it will be like interviewing a talking book.

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